My boss revoked my Work From Home day and threatens to fire

Boss revokes employee’s WFH status, threatens to fire them
Additionally, the employees were also threatened to get fired. The heading read, "My boss revoked my work-from-home day and told me to hurry up and find a new job."

Work from home continues to gain popularity and can be a beneficial arrangement for both employers and employees. 

Recently, a Reddit user shared a story claiming “My boss revoked my work from home day and told me to hurry up and find a new job”.

An employee said in a post, “So I came back to the office for the first time in a week after being sick. I take care of a couple of emails and then my boss emails me and says he wants to have a meeting.”

“We get into this meeting and he begins tearing into me about me not being able to do the simplest of tasks even though I’ve been busting my ass doing all of my reports and any extra tasks he’s thrown at me”, the post added.

“He told me I can no longer work from home because I need to be able to “learn more from the office environment” and that I need to speed up the process of finding a new job because I’m one write-up away from being fired”, the employee said through the post.

“It seems like every day I’m being dragged into these meetings and told I’m stupid, I’m worthless, and that my future is in jeopardy. I feel defeated and I honestly don’t know what more to do“, the post added.

“I’m depressed when I’m here and I’m constantly stressed because I am always being watched. I’m tired of being a punching bag”, the post said.

“I have an interview today and I really hope that I get this position because I am tired of feeling like I am in Hell”, the post concluded.



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