Netizens praise Ratan Tata for welcoming dogs at Taj Mahal Hotel

Ratan Tata Orders: Dog Sleeps Peacefully in Hotel

An HR professional Ms. Rubi Khan recently stayed at the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai and was surprised to find a dog sleeping peacefully at the entrance. Rubi’s curiosity about the dog’s presence led her to ask the staff about it.

Rubi Khan shared the LinkedIn Post saying, “I learned that this dog has been a part of the Taj Mahal Hotel since birth. There are strict instructions from Mr. Ratan Tata to treat these animals well if they enter the premises.”

“This place, home to numerous guests ranging from political dignitaries to national and international celebrities, values every being within its walls. The entrance of such a prestigious establishment holds significant importance, and there he was, peacefully sleeping, perhaps unnoticed by many of the guests. Amidst the chaos, that he owns the place, finding his sanctuary”, she added.

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“We often discuss inclusion, biases, psychological safety, and emotional intelligence. I witnessed all these principles in action here. It’s a fine balance of head and heart, being authentic, and not worrying about what others might think as they enter this esteemed property”, the post added.

“You can be the most successful entrepreneur, but that should never stop you from respecting and embracing everyone. It’s about believing in oneself and living that belief every day. This also brought to mind the debate on adopting versus buying pets. What this scenario taught me is that it’s a personal choice, and one should not be judged for it. Ultimately, it’s about doing what you believe in and contributing to the cause”, she concluded.

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