Top 3 Factors That Drive Employee Motivation- Ram Charan

Top Factors for Motivation- Ram Charan
Leaders — you must understand what truly motivates employees. It’s not uniform. No two motivations are the same.

Employee motivation at work is essential for heightened productivity and job satisfaction. Motivated employees are more engaged, innovative, and committed to achieving organizational goals.

Recognition, opportunities for professional growth, fair compensation, and a positive work environment contribute to sustained motivation.

By fostering a culture that values and rewards employees, organizations not only enhance performance but also promote loyalty and overall well-being. Motivated individuals are more likely to contribute their best efforts, leading to a more vibrant and successful workplace.

What Motivates Employees

Bestselling Author and Global Advisor to CEOs Ram Charan took social media LinkedIn to express his opinion on how to motivate employees at work. He shared below points

  • Job Satisfaction
  • Supportive Leadership
  • Fair Compensation

He further said, “Leaders — you must understand what truly motivates employees. It’s not uniform. No two motivations are the same.”

“Recognize good work. Mentor swiftly on improvements.” Ram added. Remember, motivation thrives in an environment of genuine care. Slogans don’t cut it.

Motivation & Engagement

Motivation is the drive, whether internal or external, that prompts individuals to take action or achieve specific goals. It can be intrinsic, arising from personal values, or extrinsic, resulting from external rewards.

Engagement, on the other hand, is the emotional commitment and connection employees have with their work, colleagues, and the organization. It involves enthusiasm, dedication, and passion toward their jobs and the overall workplace.

While motivation focuses on the drive behind individual actions, engagement encompasses the broader emotional relationship employees have with their work environment, coworkers, and the organization’s mission and values.

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