Truecaller offers job to Canada student trolled for ‘dream to leave India’

Trolled for 'dream to leave India' comment, Canada student gets job offer from Truecaller CEO
A Twitter video was released where an Indian woman studying in Canada was heard saying that "it was her dream to leave India." She was eventually being trolled for her comment.

A female student studying in Canada that was trolled for a ‘dream to leave India’ comment, gets a job offer from Truecaller CEO.

A video was released where an Indian woman studying in Canada was heard saying that “it was her dream to leave India.” She was eventually trolled for her comment.

In the video that was shared where she could be heard saying that she intended wanted to become a businesswoman in the future. She was doing a course in biotech in the country.

In the video, she can be heard saying that her favourite part of living in Canada was getting to see sunrise and sunset.

Alan Mamedi, Co-founder and CEO of @Truecaller shared a tweet from his official Twitter handle saying, “People really want to misunderstand her to make fun of her. This is not OK!! Ekta, don’t listen to all these clowns making fun of you.”

“I think you’re cool and living the dream! When you’re done with school, you’re welcome to work at Truecaller in any of our offices”, the tweet added.

The tweet has become viral and received various responses. One Twitter user wrote, Shivam (@ShivamKPy), “Hello to all job seekers, take note.. this is how you got the job…you just have to malign your country a bit and these CEOs are ready to hire you even though your specialization doesn’t make sense for the job”

Yet another user wrote, “Dear @AlanMamedi sir, I’ve been striving to get into a job after my Post Graduation and it’s too hard to get a good pay job here due to overpopulation and hyper-competition in India. Kindly consider me in one of your offices.”

“So, just because she was made fun of her view, this guy gives her the opportunity to work at any of the offices around the world! So, No Interview, no Backcheck, and nothing! There are so many people who need jobs why don’t you select those who are qualified to do so? & She is from biotech”, yet another user wrote.


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