Viral Videos highlighting HR policies failure and toxic work culture

Viral Video highlighting HR policies Drawbacks
These Videos have highlighted the drawbacks of the HR policies in a company. Some basic precautions that the company's HR Heads can take are that they should be cautious about their communication with employees.

There are many viral videos on social media highlighting the failure of HR policies, and additionally showing that employees are facing toxic work culture.

Viral video of BYJU’s staff questioning boss over incentives

During the age of digitalization, the power of social media cannot be underestimated. Recently, for the first time, a video has been circulating by Twitter and LinkedIn users showing a heated conversation between employees at BYJU’s office.

Female staff can be heard saying in the video that I am screaming because I am going mad. The conversion is between a female employee and a senior official over an incentive-related issue.

Masroor Jahangir a LinkedIn user shared the post saying, “Disturbing Reports about BYJU’S Work Culture, Alarming reports have surfaced about the work culture at Byju’s, raising serious concerns among employees and customers alike. Complaints suggest that employees are facing a toxic and pressurized environment, with extended working hours of 12-14 hours a day, salary cuts, and feelings of being treated like commodities rather than valued team members.”

Coding Ninjas Shocking incident company locks employees inside the Office

A shocking incident has been reported when a company locks Employees Inside the Office. In a video, a watchman locked the office doors to prevent employees leaving from the office.

The shocking incident video was shared by Ravi Handa on Twitter saying, “Indian edtech founders are now literally locking in their employees. Get the hell out of this country. Nowhere else would anyone dare to pull off something like this.”

In response, Coding Ninjas shared a tweet clarifying the incident saying, “We want to clarify that the incident that recently occurred in one of our offices was due to a regrettable action by an employee. It was immediately rectified within minutes, and the employee acknowledged his mistake and apologized for the inconvenience caused.”

“In light of the incident, the founders expressed their regret and apologized to all the employees. This was an isolated incident and we are taking proactive measures to ensure this is not repeated. Disciplinary action is being taken against the concerned employee”, the tweet added.

HDFC Bank Senior Employee Abuses Juniors in Online Meeting

HDFC Bank senior executive can be seen shouting and abusing his colleagues for not meeting targets in a video call during an online meeting.

The senior executive has been identified as Pushpal Roy. He was the cluster head at a Kolkata branch. The video is in Bengali and Pushpal can be seen screaming at his colleagues seemingly as his score at the bank was getting affected.

CA Kanan Bahl shared on Twitter saying, “An HDFC Bank Senior VP is seen shouting at his employees for not meeting targets confirmed by a friend who understands Bengali, he is asking his junior to sell 75 insurance policies in a day”

“Is this why these bank employees missell our policies and investment products?”, the tweet added.

Walk-in-interview: Thousands Line up, Video viral on Social media

Getting a job is a tough job. Recently, a user shared a video on social media platform X (formally Twitter) sharing the information about the Wipro walk-in interview where Thousands of people can be seen in a Line.

Abhishek Kar the social media user shared a post saying, “Outside Wipro’s Kolkata office during walkin. 10000+ applicants for some jobs! The job market isn’t as easy it seems. Your view?”

However, Sightsin Plus could not verify the authenticity of these videos.

These Videos have highlighted HR policy failure and toxic work culture in a company. Some basic precautions that the company’s HR Heads can take are that they should be cautious about their communication with employees.

Moreover, HR can enhance communication with employees by fostering an open and transparent environment, utilizing regular feedback sessions, embracing digital tools for real-time updates, and promoting active listening to address concerns promptly and effectively.


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