Wipro Walk-in interview: Thousands Line up, Social media reacts

Wipro Walk-in interview Thousands Line up, Social media reacts
Abhishek Kar the social media user shared a post saying, "Outside Wipro's Kolkata office during walkin. 10000+ applicants for some jobs! Job market isn't that easy it seems. Your view?"

Getting a job is a tough job. Recently, a user shared a video on social media platform X (formally Twitter) sharing the information about the Wipro walk-in interview where Thousands of people can be seen in a Line.

Abhishek Kar the social media user shared a post saying, “Outside Wipro’s Kolkata office during walkin. 10000+ applicants for some jobs! The job market isn’t as easy it seems. Your view?”

However, Sightsin Plus could not verify the authenticity of the video. The post has now been viral and received various responses.

One user wrote, “There are many vocations but Indian mindset is to go for B. Tech. There are so many openings in the creative field but we want our kids to do just coding and that elusive US job. Moreover, this is Didiland, businesses are not welcome. Only tea, Cigarettes and Laal Jhanda.”

“18 years ago I attended a walk-in by TCS where there were ~15,000 applicants for 300 odd roles on offer. I guess only the past few years have been easy due to the boom in IT jobs. Everything goes through a cycle”, another user wrote.

“Actually according to me getting a job isn’t that tough most of these people would be below average or just average. We have a lot of people that are just unemployable”, yet another user wrote.

The video is getting highlighted in a situation where apparently Tech major companies are laying off employees exponentially due to economic uncertainties.

The move of layoffs is part of a larger trend of tech companies cutting jobs and slowing hiring as investors become increasingly fearful of a recession. Tech companies have either frozen the hiring process or laid off many employees. Moreover, Companies have delayed or haven’t provided the salary hike for the year.

Wipro also reported that the employee count has gone down by 8,812 individuals in the June quarter. The total employee count at Wipro experienced a decline, reaching 249,758 by the end of the first quarter, in comparison to 258,570 at the end of the previous fiscal year, FY23.


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