Over 80,000 ordnance factories workers started a month-long strike


Over 80,000 workers in the 41 ordnance factories across the country started a month-long strike against the proposed “corporatisation” of the Kolkata-headquartered Ordnance Factory Board (OFB), the umbrella body for these factories.

“The Ministry of Defence is currently considering a proposal to convert OFB, a subordinate office of the ministry, into one or more than one government-owned corporate entities registered under the Companies Act, 2013”

Workers on strike on demanding the Centre drop the move to corporatise the ordnance factory board and turning into public enterprises.

While a meeting has been called with the union on Wednesday, the government urged that privatisation will enhance productivity, speed up processes in the corporation. The factories will “operate like companies,” in which efficiency, quality and market forces will play a role.

Defence Production Secretary Ajay Kumar said that discussions were being held by a committee regarding the corporatisation of the OFB. He said, “Discussions are continuously being held by a Committee of very senior officials of MoD with employees federations of OFB.”

According to a release issued by the protesting unions, the strike against the corporation of ordnance factories. The unions alleged that the Indian ordinance defence factories, which are called the fourth pillar of national security, were being handed over to the corporate companies, putting the national security in danger.


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