10% of working women face sexual harassment at the workplace: Report


According to a Hindustan Times report, A total of 10% of working women face sexual harassment at the workplace; 37.14% of women in India are facing issues related to their health; while 44.8% of women are employed, according to the ‘Status of Women in India report’.

Maneesha Kothekar, project director of the report said, “Through this report, it was found that 44.8% of women are employed in different fields and 10% women face sexual harassment at the workplace. The issues which they face is there no crèche, no canteen, no transportation, no restroom and no washroom facilities provided to them. While 37.14% of women have various health issues in which the highest is of 44% of women has Arthritis health problem.”

“There are many fact-findings of this report in which we have carried out 26 different studies. We interviewed women from all walks of life which include working women, women in politics, women Sadhvis from different religions, women in Naxalite areas and also women in borderline districts of Jammu and Kashmir and West Bengal state. The reason behind this survey was to know the current situation of women in India and look for a solution. Structured interviews took place and a lot of effort was put into it.” she added.

Another fact-findings of this report is 23% of women get married before 18 age. Political participation, not women have increased to 40%. Whereas 78% of women in Jammu and Kashmir feel insecure due to cross border firing and shelling and 39% of women in West Bengal feel insecure due to communal atrocities, hooliganism, torture stemming from religious tensions.

The number of women surveyed who have an Aadhar card is 90.6, and close to 80% of women have opened bank accounts.


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