Hiring Activity Sees 16% Growth in April 2019: Report


Recruitment in the IT- industry showed continuous growth in the last six months. Continuing with the trend, IT – Software in April 2019 recorded a notable rise of 39% growth. Hiring in functional areas like Site Engineering and Sales & BD observed a growth of 26% and 9% respectively. Bengaluru, Kolkata and Hyderabad clocked in positive growth in recruitment activity with 23%, 22% and 19% respectively.

“The JobSpeak index for the financial year 2018-19 remained consistent clocking in an average of 12 percent growth in hiring. This financial year has started with a 16 percent growth in hiring in April with more companies tapping into the talent pool across sectors,” InfoEdge India CMO Sumeet Singh said.

According to the JobSpeak report, demand for entry-level job-seekers (0-3 years experience) grew by 18 per cent, while mid-level executives (4-7 years experience) grew by 17 per cent.

While, recruitment activity for mid-management roles with 8-12 years of experience grew by 11 per cent, senior management roles with over 13 years of experience recorded a 9 per cent rise.

Additionally, hiring for leadership roles with experience of 16 plus years grew by 6 per cent. Demand for software professionals observed a rise of 33 per cent, while HR and administration saw a growth of 28 per cent. However, banking/ insurance and education observed a dip of 22 per cent and 12 per cent respectively.

The report said that overall hiring activity in Delhi and Chennai increased by 13 per cent each, while in Mumbai and Hyderabad it jumped by 11 per cent and 19 per cent, respectively.

Similarly, Pune and Bangalore registered an increase of 11 per cent and 23 per cent, respectively, in hiring.

The Naukri JobSpeak is a monthly Index which calculates and records hiring activity based on the job listings on Naukri.com website.



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