Professionals see upskilling as way to navigate economic uncertainty

Education among top priorities for Indians shows Study
The survey found an overwhelming 73% of Indians surveyed are showing an increased interest in pursuing further education due to recent global developments.

The current economic environment in the world results from several macroeconomic factors like the Ukraine crisis, the energy situation in Europe, and the ongoing recession, which may lead to uncertainty for the workforce. In this scenario, global professionals increasingly see upskilling as a way to navigate economic uncertainty. 

The Emeritus Workplace Skills Study in 2023 indicated that among the 18 countries surveyed, India and China are approaching continued education with a sense of zeal.

In this environment, Indians look to education for confidence and also as a safety net. As many as 86% of the professionals surveyed agreed that further education is a stepping stone to gaining skills.

They also believe that continued education helped them engage better at work. Indians voted for ‘increasing job security’ as one of the key motivations to pursue further education. Promotions and career advancements closely followed this.

Indians have embraced the concept of lifelong learning and affirm that learning helps them feel confident, creative, and inspired to develop personally and professionally.

The Emeritus Global Workplace Skill Study 2023 reveals that online is here to stay. As a medium, online learning went from being a choice to a necessity when the world went into lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the interest in online learning did not end there.

“The global workforce is currently battling several challenges to stay relevant – from technological disruptions to economic uncertainties. At this juncture, the Emeritus Global Workplace Skills Study 2023 reinforces the importance of education among Indians, who rank it as a top priority. It is heartening to see that even amidst uncertain economic conditions, Indians continue to recognize the value of investing in their education to grow in their careers and stand out,” said Mohan Kannegal, CEO of India and APAC, Emeritus.

“One of the most encouraging findings from the study is the strong belief among Indians that online learning is set to grow. Being at the forefront of making high-quality education accessible and affordable for all, we at Emeritus are very optimistic about the possibilities increased online learning adoption can bring to the country. The study also reaffirms our belief that education plays a crucial role in shaping the future of work,” he concluded. 

8 out of 10 Indian Respondents are Interested in Online Options to Pursue Further Education: While there is a general rise in interest in online learning all over the world, the growth of this interest is substantially higher in both India and China.

In the former, 82% of professionals have shown a rise in interest in online learning options. This number is reflective of countries that view education as an important option that drives career stability and advancement amidst uncertainty.

The survey found an overwhelming 73% of Indians surveyed are showing an increased interest in pursuing further education due to recent global developments. This indicates a stronger interest in upskilling among Indians compared to the global average of 55%. 

Emeritus conducted the third edition of the Global Workplace Skills Study 2023 through its extensive survey of 6,600 professionals aged between 21 and 65 across 18 countries, including India, Australia, Brazil, France, US, China, UK, Brazil, Mexico, UAE, among others, to understand the global standing of workforce on online education during uncertain times. The detail report can be read by a click here.


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