EY launches AI platform EY.ai following US$1.4b investment

EY launches AI platform EY.ai to upskilling AI L&D for EY people
Following an initial pilot with 4,200 EY technology-focused team members, the global organization will be releasing a secure, large language model called EY.ai EYQ.

The global EY organization (EY) announces the launch of EY.ai, a unifying platform that brings together human capabilities and artificial intelligence (AI) to help clients transform their businesses through the confident and responsible adoption of AI.

EY.ai leverages leading-edge EY technology platforms and AI capabilities, with deep experience in strategy, transactions, transformation, risk, assurance and tax, all augmented by a robust AI ecosystem.

EY investments of US$1.4b have provided the foundation for the EY.ai platform. These investments have supported the embedding of AI into proprietary EY technologies like EY Fabric, used by 60,000 EY clients and more than 1.5 million unique client users, as well as helping secure a series of EY technology acquisitions with supporting cloud and automation technologies.

Carmine Di Sibio, EY Global Chairman and CEO, says: “AI’s moment is now. Every business is considering how it will be integrated into operations and its impact on the future. However, the adoption of AI is more than a technology challenge.”

“That’s why EY teams help clients identify how to capture the transformative power of AI from every seat at the boardroom table and across the enterprise. It’s about unlocking new economic value responsibly to realize the vast potential of this technological evolution”, Carmine Di Sibio added.

Placing people at the center of AI

EY is helping to realize the potential of EY people with AI knowledge and skills. Following an initial pilot with 4,200 EY technology-focused team members, the global organization will be releasing a secure, large language model called EY.ai EYQ.

In addition, EY will roll out bespoke AI learning and development for EY people. The EY comprehensive learning program elevates and expands the AI skills of EY people, including the responsible use of AI.

It builds on the extensive AI, data, and analytics learning badge curriculum and credentials introduced in 2018, with over 100,000 credentials awarded to date, as well as the EY Tech MBA launched in 2020.

Nicola Morini-Bianzino, EY Global Chief Technology Officer, says: “EY.ai reflects the culmination of work and knowledge that the EY organization has been building for a decade.”

“The AI capabilities that EY teams have built and work with clients to date further validates that AI is transformative. I am highly confident that a human-centered approach to transformation using AI will empower EY people, enhance the quality of client work and ultimately change our working world for the better”, Nicola Morini-Bianzino added.

  • EY investment has provided the foundation to launch EY.ai, a new unifying platform to help organizations confidently adopt artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Developed over the past 18 months, EY.ai combines vast business experience with AI embedded in EY technology platforms and solutions.
  • Roll out of EY.ai EYQ, a large language model, in addition to upskilling AI learning and development for EY people.

Creative campaign to capture how diverse skills will be augmented through AI

The launch of EY.ai will be supported by a new integrated marketing program built around the creative theme of ‘The Face of the Future’.

Spearheading the campaign is advertising that features EY people augmented and empowered by AI – to highlight multiple EY services that will increasingly be AI-empowered.

Anchored in EY’s purpose of Building a Better Working World, the overall campaign will bring to life how the EY.ai platform can help clients and society at large build confidence, help create exponential value and make a positive human impact. Media is scheduled to go live across all channels in October.


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