Accenture, Simpl, Paytm, mPokket have updated their HR policies

mPokket, Accenture, Simpl, Paytm has updated their HR policies
The companies have introduced various policies including revising the leave policies & introduced policies towards prioritizing employee welfare.

Recently, leading companies including Accenture, Simpl, Paytm, and mPokket have recently updated their HR policies. These companies have introduced various policies such as revising the leave policies & introducing new policies towards prioritizing employee welfare etc.

Accenture in India tweaks its leave policy

An Irish-American professional services company, Accenture has recently announced changes in its leave policy in order to give employees more flexibility when it comes to taking off days, effective September 1, 2023.

Employees will be able to take offs that can be divided into ‘small and big’ time offs. This will depend on their requirement and their base location.

Firstly, the company will provide earned leaves which are reduced to 18 now that were 24 originally. Secondly, the employees will be benefited from casual leaves and sick leaves which have been increased from 7 to 12.

Moreover, the employees can carry forward 45 days of earned leaves which earlier the company allowed employees to carry forward 30 leaves.

The earned leaves can be availed by prior approval. The employees will be permitted to take a maximum of two consecutive days of casual leave within a fortnight. Additionally, for more than two leaves approval is required.

Paytm New Leave Policy: Supporting Employee’s Work-life Balance

Paytm has revised its leave policies to help employees to recharge themselves. The company aims to facilitate them with best-in-class benefits that prioritize their health, wellness, and work-life balance.

The company has also introduced Bereavement and Miscarriage leave for this financial year. The HRs and managers encourage Paytmers to plan their long leave in advance to fulfill their personal priorities.

The employee can be benefited from bereavement leave in case of the death of an immediate family member and spend time with them. This will be a paid leave for 5 working days that can be availed of within 2 weeks of the bereavement.

To support the employees going through a tough time, the company has also introduced Miscarriage Leave for Paytmers. In case of miscarriage or medical termination of pregnancy, they can avail of paid leave of up to 6 weeks under the Maternity Benefit Act, of 1961. 

Simpl introduces a few new leaves and employee benefits

Earlier in February, India’s leading 1-tap checkout network, to promote better work-life balance Simpl announced new leave policies for all its employees.

Keeping the inclusion of a diverse workforce in mind the company has introduced the following leave policies:

  • The company has introduced a Menstrual Leave policy.
  • Simpl has also introduced the ‘Adoption Leave’. These leaves are applicable to LGBTQIA+ couples.
  • The company has introduced Family Care Leaves to support employees its employees.
  • The company has also allowed taking time off in case of emergencies, family occasions, personal milestones, or just relaxing and rejuvenating.
  • Additionally, the company has placed a strong emphasis on providing leave for important milestones in an employee’s life, especially on occasions such as a wedding. 

mPokket launches new initiative to promote employee productivity

mPokket’s introduction of the DFLI policy marks a positive step towards prioritizing employee welfare, reinforcing its dedication to creating a nurturing work ambiance that allows individuals to flourish both professionally and personally.

With this forward-thinking approach, mPokket aims to foster a positive work-life balance and build a resilient and engaged team that thrives in all aspects of their lives.

The DFLI work-from-home policy comes in addition to all-purpose leaves such as Casual Leaves (CL), Earned Leaves (EL), Sick Leaves (SL), and Maternity/Paternity Leaves. These leave categories are unchanged, with employees entitled to 51 leaves annually, in addition to maternity/paternity leaves.


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