TCS will continue hiring but wants to end work-from-home- CEO

TCS will continue hiring but wants to end work-from-home
So that the TCS can resume work from the office the company has leased 400,000 sq ft in Noida in one of the biggest office space transactions in Delhi-NCR.

A global leader in IT Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) will continue to hire but the company wants to end work from home.

The company has leased 400,000 sq ft office in Noida, one of the biggest office space transactions in Delhi-NCR.

TCS Chief Executive Officer, K Krithivasan said in a Nasscom session, “In fact, we have no plans to reduce our hiring and will continue to hire the same way as we have been doing.”

“Probably we will have to change the hiring phase, but no cutting down on our hiring plans, for sure”, he added.

The CEO further said, “We are not for work from home, because we believe that working from the office is the right way of working.”

“Almost 100 percent of our customers are keen to get their workforce back to the office and almost every one of them believes that the right thing to do is work from the office,” the CEO added.

Recently, the company has issued a final notice to remote-working employees and asked them to resume work from the office by starting March.

While commenting on Q3FY24 results, on hiring, Milind Lakkad, CHRO, TCS said that the company will hire from college campuses and grow talent organically.

Milind further said, “The vibrancy and energy levels in our offices are increasing as more and more of our employees are back in the offices. We expect to be back to our normal operating mode by the end of the current fiscal year. Parallelly, attrition is trending down and at 13.3%, is now in our range of comfort.”

“We are committed to hiring from college campuses and growing talent organically. We have commenced our campus hiring process for the next year and see tremendous excitement among freshers to join TCS”, he added.

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