How JLL Boosts Emp Experience amidst Digital Workplace

Employees are people and their workplace experience directly affects their performance. Covid-19 situation has disrupted workplaces globally and is driving organisation change across nearly every industry.

How JLL India Boosts Employee Experience amidst Digital Workplace

Employee experience is critical for businesses to function effectively in the digital economy. Employees are people and their workplace experience directly affects their performance. Covid-19 situation has disrupted workplaces globally and is driving organisation change across nearly every industry. The impact of this pandemic has surely changed our ways of working.

With Covid-19 spreading, we saw an increase in remote working arrangements and greater focus on budgets, productivity, employee health, and well-being. Digital employee experience incorporates how employees work at the workplace, what tools and technology they use, and allows them to be productive and engaged. Digital employee experience is also linked to key business outcomes and has become more relevant to business growth nowadays.

Digital tools and seamless technology are the most important elements of the digital workplace experience. During pandemic, most organisations embraced digital technology ensuring business continuity by providing tools for working remotely and strong virtual IT support to employees and stakeholders thereby creating a digital work culture for workforce. More and more companies are adopting AI-driven approaches. Increase use of technology has led to new operational modes as well. HR is among those other functions that have not only had quickly adopted digital technology but transformed HR function itself as well.

A culture that is digital-friendly, open to change, and agile can help improve the digital workplace employee experience. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, to ensure the business continuity, uninterrupted employee lifecycle, and to enhance employee experience, JLL quickly adopted a digital approach across businesses and functions including HR. The HR team at JLL India has been leveraging technology and tools like Webex, MS Teams, Workday, and HRIS systems to manage the employee lifecycle.


Talent acquisition team at JLL has moved to virtual recruitment for managing job interviews thereby ensuring safety of candidates and continued support to the Business.


JLL uses HRIS systems like Workday that has been playing a very vital role in managing the employee lifecycle across geographies with employee self-service and manager self-service capabilities which is very critical in digital work environment. HR Direct is the go-to place or portal for employees to find all HR related online resources through self- service for day to day queries and policies.

On-boarding and Induction

During these unprecedented times, we have been on-boarding new employees and inducting them virtually into our firm’s culture and processes especially while they are working remotely. In our endeavour to continuously enhance employee experience in the digital world, JLL India HR team designed an interactive Virtual Launch Pad 2.0 program. This program allows our new employees across JLL India to get equipped with knowledge about organization, policies, support groups, portals, etc through an instructor-led virtual program.


To boost employee morale while they are working remotely, we introduced Virtual Ovations program, to recognise and celebrate their achievements in a virtual event on quarterly basis.

Learning and Development

The Covid-19 situation has shown to us that change is constant and just like the way we work has changed, the way we learn has changed too. Upskill and Reskill have become the need of the hour.JLL has been providing continuous learning and development opportunities to all employees through JLL Virtual Learning program. The launch of JLL Virtual Learning was a direct result of what our employees told us was important to them through the JLL People Survey in May and they said that they needed more digital tools and resources around career opportunities and development. Our employees have access to over 15000 online courses powered by LinkedIn learning to build market-relevant skills to serve clients, learn new ways to work effectively in your current environment and support well-being and self-development. These courses are based on themes like LEARN, ASSESS, DEVELOP, GROW, and MOVE. 

Employee Connect

Today, more than ever, we want our people to feel supported, engaged in digital Workspace when the majority of Corporate employees are working from home for over 5 months, and working remotely is becoming the New Normal. JLL HR team connects with employees on regular basis via virtual 1-o-1 or group connects to ensure employees feel connected and cared for by the organization during these times and to encourage employees from different departments, geographies to connect and get to know each other.


JLL, being a firm that keeps its people at the centre of its heart, we always mobilise our efforts in support of employees’ wellbeing both physical as well as mental. Well-being programs help employees to stay healthier and happier at work. Our Well-Being webinars and online resources are designed to provide our employees with a forum to learn and to connect to each other virtually on the key pillars of well-being that focus on Physical wellbeing, Mental wellbeing, Financial wellbeing.

  1. Round glass Reach our digital wellness platform (Online/App-based) brings together the life-altering power of cognitive behaviour change and the expertise of curated health coaching to help our people move further on their journey of well-being. Through Reach, they can: Set and track their well-being goals, get timely reminders and nudges, relax with guided mindfulness tracks, Read articles on diet, fitness, and emotional well-being, Earn points and climb the leader board, Track health vitals such as BMI, Heart rate, etc.
  2. Telemedicine – Telephonic, video, and WhatsApp chat consultation option to address all queries / medical consultations virtually.
  3. JLL Impact League – An app-based step challenge (workout challenge) that focused on both physical and mental wellness of the people at JLL.

Better digital experience has many benefits like improved employee satisfaction, increased retention, efficient employee processes, flexibility, collaboration, and improved workforce productivity. Organisations need to ensure that it adopts modern tools and technology that are usable, user friendly, and productive. Organisations should also focus on improving employee experience in form of the workplace, tools, and technology. Better employee experience will indirectly and positively impact every aspect of their work life.


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