How Wipro ensures remote employees feel engaged and rewarded

How does Wipro make remote work engaging and rewarding
At Wipro, we quickly recognized that flexibility to work from home also comes with its set of challenges that need to be addressed while keeping employee wellbeing at the center, Saurabh Govil - President and Chief Human Resources, Wipro

Remote employees feel engaged and rewarded when they have clear communication channels, regular check-ins, and opportunities for professional growth. Transparent goal-setting and recognition of their accomplishments foster a sense of belonging and purpose. Flexible work schedules and a supportive company culture that promotes work-life balance contribute to their satisfaction.

Providing virtual team-building activities and acknowledging their contributions regularly boosts morale. Access to resources, training, and advancement prospects assures remote employees that their efforts are valued. Ultimately, a strong emphasis on empathy, trust, and appreciation for their unique needs empowers remote employees to thrive and feel connected to the organization’s mission and vision.

Recently in an Interview with SightsIn Plus, Saurabh Govil, Global Head- HR, Wipro said, “Post the pandemic, hybrid work has become the new normal that companies have embraced, and are trying their best to keep their remote workers happy and engaged.”

“At Wipro, we quickly recognized that flexibility to work from home also comes with its set of challenges that need to be addressed while keeping employee wellbeing at the center. Quite often, working remotely can blur the lines between work and personal life. Added to this the lack of the right infrastructure set up can end up affecting overall employee wellbeing.”

Wipro has taken a number of measures towards ensuring our remote workers feel engaged and rewarded.

  1. Policies: Our policies have been repurposed to ensure they are bias-free and objective without differentiating between an employee working from office, home, or remotely from another location. We also continuously educate our leaders on how to lead a hybrid workforce. This ensures that employees irrespective of their place of work are involved in decision-making processes.   
  2. Employee Wellbeing: There are a number of online Physical and Mental Wellbeing programs offered to our employees to enroll virtually – Yoga, HIIT, Counselling sessions, Women’s health seminars, etc.  Employees also receive on-screen alerts that nudge them to pause for a few minutes and perform simple exercises to avoid stress or burnout. Leadership communications and listening sessions happen in a virtual mode to ensure equitable participation.  
  3. Learning & Development: Many of our employee training & development opportunities are now in VILT (Virtual Instructor Led Training) formats to ensure employees working remotely are not deprived of instructor-led training opportunities. Needless to say, Wipro has invested in online learning platforms to ensure employees have access to learning on the go.
  4. Recognition: Wipro has always had a very robust and intuitive online platform for recognition. Managers, teams, and peers vastly leverage this to reward and recognize their colleagues from time to time.

“Our focus has always been to make the work meaningful and rewarding for our employees. The place of work is incidental. Our culture prides itself on high performance hence our focus remains on how to enable our employees to deliver superior outcomes.” Saurabh Govil said.


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