Key Diversity & Inclusion Trends in 2020 and the Best Practices at JLL

Case Study: How JLL drives Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in workplace
Our programmatic approach to diversity and inclusion ensures that our people have the right opportunity and culture to thrive and succeed at their workplace, day in and day out

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) has been evolving and changing over the years in response to the changes in demographics and the evolving socioeconomic structures. It, therefore, becomes important for Organisations to stay current on D&I trends which have a pivotal impact on the workplace.

“At JLL, D&I is a strategic imperative for the way we do business. We believe that our success is reinforced by the diverse backgrounds, skills, and ideas we value and embrace.” 

We promote an atmosphere of openness and respect, which allows our people to work with a strong sense of teamwork and collegiality, helps develop trust and embrace diversity at the workplace. We recognise that having a range of experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives allows us to find new ways of doing things, leading ultimately to the creation and delivery of the best possible services to our clients. We foster a workplace culture that encourages and empowers all our employees to fulfil their ambitions.

Key D&I Trends in 2020

  • Generations: Organisations should leverage the value of age-diverse workforce. In 2020 Gen Y will be the majority of organisations workforce.
  • Inclusive Culture: Organisations must strive to create an atmosphere where all voices are heard, and their opinions are valued and considered. We believe we are close to crashing the last-standing barrier towards creating a diverse culture and being inclusive, with our focus towards the LGBTQ community.
  • Women Leaders: Globally, female representation at leadership positions is less than 5%. However, women business leaders from India are increasingly forming part of multinational boardrooms. Organizations, as a part of their D&I agenda, should focus on building more women leaders in senior and critical roles and benefit from their deeper perspective and strong work ethic.

D&I Strategy at JLL

Our D&I Strategy at JLL include the following key themes keeping with the trends highlighted earlier:

  • Gender: Ensure a balanced representation of women in leadership roles and gender dominated teams. Consequently, LGBTQ community is a big area of focus for us in order for us to expand our gender base.
  • Generation: Attract, manage and retain multi-generational workforce, from millennials to gen-X’ers.
  • Geography: Create dynamic teams with different experience, nationalities and cultural identities
  • Inclusion: Initiatives taken under our Diversity & Inclusion initiative ensure employees are included into our workforce from across multiple backgrounds and capabilities. We have focused on getting specially-abled people and people from the LGBTQ group into our organization.

Our diversity initiatives take our well-meaning intent and turn it into well-doing! It touches every point of the employee lifecycle, beginning from hiring, to training and development programs, to providing regular support services. Through it all, our aim is to build a model organization – reflective of the society we operate in.

Every year at JLL India, we celebrate and acknowledge the various ways in which Diversity empowers us. We named this celebration as “Celebrating Who We Are “in order to reinforce our DNA. The ‘Diversity & Inclusion Week’ at JLL India was an attempt to engage in conversations to open doors to victories and challenges faced by people from diverse backgrounds, genders, races, and regions and allow us to look for solutions in order to embrace diversity.

We aim to support diverse individuals working in our corporate and client offices and help in achieving their full potential.

Celebrating who we are week is an important initiative as it is an opportunity to inspire our people with the ideas of inclusion, to create awareness about our D&I agenda and inviting our people to come forward to join the conversation on Diversity and Inclusion.

It is through this initiative that we engage people from across the organization. The involvement of our leaders during this celebration has always created momentum and drove participation. This celebration activates the whole organization to be the advocates of diversity and inclusion.

It is an initiative that creates higher visibility of JLL’s commitment to Diversity and Inclusion among its people and inculcates the culture of inclusion.

Our aim is to be the most diverse and inclusive employer in real estate. To do this, we create a work environment where everyone can achieve their ambitions and help us shape an organization where

  • Diversity and inclusion is understood, embraced and respected
  • Every employee is free to express their ideas and thoughts
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Tanvi Choksi, Head – Human Resources, JLL, Asia Pacific. She is responsible for leading the People Strategy for the business. She led the HR Transformation journey for JLL in 2018, enabling and strengthening the organizational culture. Tanvi joined JLL after a distinguished 10-year career at Johnson & Johnson, where she was the HR Head for Medical Devices, India and Diabetes Care across APAC. Tanvi is an MBA in Human Resources from Tata Institute of Social Sciences. She completed her Bachelor in Management Studies from the SIES College of Commerce & Economics with a specialization in Finance.



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