Why Diversity Programs are Not Able to Create Impact

Why Diversity Programs are Not Able to Create Impact
Diversity & Inclusion should be part of the organisation culture and need to be a part of the organizational goals and objectives.

Diversity Creates Dimensions in the World!!

In the current New Normal phase of our life, Globalisation has led all of us to cater to a highly diversified market in a disruptive era inclusive and diverse workforce will help organizations to understand various markets better.

One of the most common enigmas that organizations face is why the diversity and inclusion programs are futile & are not able to create IMPACT.

“The diversity of thought is a result of our DIVERSITY TEAMS”

When organisations are unable to leverage those diverse viewpoints and experiences in decision-making and INCLUSIVE feelings among teams is not perceived.  According to the LinkedIn Opportunity Index 2021 report. Indian women also face the strongest gender biases across the Asia Pacific countries, where the regional average was 60%.

The LinkedIn Opportunities Index covered 2,285 respondents in India and analysed how women perceive opportunities and how the gender gap is slowing down their career progress in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Similarly, the Deloitte Global Millennial Survey 2020 found that “job loyalty rises as businesses address employee needs, from diversity and inclusion to sustainability, reskilling, and more.”

However, while the imperative to improve diversity and inclusion in our workplaces is clear, less obvious is how to achieve the desired impact?

Diversity and inclusion initiatives are not part of the overall business strategy

Successful diversity and inclusion strategies start at the top, with the C-suite leadership, and involve the entire company. They’re not viewed solely as an HR initiative.  Companies must have strong organizational goals and specific objectives for diversity and inclusion to enact systemic, lasting change.

Diversity and inclusion interventions need to be beyond training events

Diversity & Inclusion should be part of the organisation culture and need to be a part of the organizational goals and objectives. People to increase their diversity knowledge, cross-cultural understanding, and proper mentoring worked better than diversity training and networking to increase the number of women and minority leaders in management.

Diversity and inclusion initiatives need be a part Talent Development Strategy

Diversity and inclusion initiatives are not different they are a part of Talent Development inclusion. That work begins with getting a baseline evaluation of key culture, diversity, engagement, and hiring metrics, and then tracking and measuring the results.

This will enable to create & curate customized relatable products valued services that will address customer challenges, customer loyalty and consolidating organisations brand presence in Diversity Programs. 

Breaking real ground on diversity and inclusion is truly rigid & on-going work

I strongly believe that we all are diverse & that DIFFERENCE is making us BEAUTIFUL!!

Unity in Diversity is Every Organisations Strength!!

It is undeniable that diversity and inclusion are crucial elements of business sustainability & business Continuity so it is an inevitable trend that the company should embrace Diversity & inclusion.

I feel we need to Focus on “Diversity add” not “Diversity fit”

  • Mindset Change takes time D&I programs should be aimed at changing mindset & behaviours across levels. 
  • Inclusion Resistance from employees is the key caused by various different things leading them feel victimized.

We should embrace the unique experiences and philosophies of each employee & their perceptions to bring in fresh ideas for building UNITY Reasons.

Faultline theory suggests that negative effects of team diversity are better understood by considering the influence of different dimensions of diversity in conjunction, rather than for each dimension separately. We all need to develop and extend the social openness grips to all the diverse objectives leading us to unity.

In conclusion, the way forward should be to incorporate diverse collaboration & align individual development plans with the objective to safeguard Business sustainability.

Diversity is About All of Us and Being Together Adding VALUES!!


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