Creating a Better workplace: the key to unlock the doors of success

Positive Gesture

Jai and Sam, two college friends were exchanging notes over coffee. That’s when Jai expressed he was extremely unhappy and unduly stressed in his current job. On the other hand Sam was extremely happy and enthusiastic about his career. Both of them were achievers and had joined much coveted companies.

Why was there such a stark difference in their experience? Were their work environments the differentiator?

What is a Better Workplace?

A Better workplace is an environment where talent feels connected at the Heart and Head level. The three *S model (inspired by Hewitt) could be a good indicator of organizational environment.

Why is positive work environment important?

Today’s workplaces are dynamic, diverse, competitive and constantly changing. Employees have abundant job opportunities. It is the environment and the culture which creates competitive advantage. Companies with a conducive work environment have happy employees who stay.

Happy employees have

Success is a vital and desirable factor in any organization.Having a great working environment is the  key to getting there. Leadership Demystified, a LinkedIn based initiative tries to unravel the conundrum around leadership by bringing forth personal journeys of leaders and leadership experts across the world. The podcast series covers over 30 world renowned  coaches,  CEOs and entrepreneurs. We also garnered valuable insights about the importance of organizational culture and environment from these leaders.

We highlight four key findings:

Purpose: The vision of the organization is very important. Employees today would consciously want to work with an organization which has not only a clear vision but also one which aligns well with their personal aspirations. They seek clarity about where they stand and what their role is in the overall vision, not necessarily restricted to their work profile.

People Make All the Difference: The foundation of a good work environment is laid with hiring the right people. While it is the leader who creates the organizational culture, employees drive it. Successful leaders are open to hiring people better than themselves. They promote a shared vision and hire employees who can identify and align with it. With different generation working together leaders need to modify their approach to accommodate the values and expectation from different generations.

Positive and Mindful Demeanour: The onus of creating a conducive work environment lies with both the employer and employee, it is a partnership.  An organization sets the tone by ensuring transparency and clarity in communication .Good and timely communication eliminates myths, rumors and negative attitudes. This would inspire employees to take the cue and inculcate in them transparency, openness, and encourage mindful and responsible communication.

Evolving Processes: The policies and processes should be progressive, contextual  and  talent centric. It is vital to review them periodically to avoid the “Grass is greener on other side effect.” For instance, performance review has now considerably evolved, and has been replaced by monthly conversations, and feed forward reviews. Business needs to focus on the data of talent attraction rather than attrition merely , needs to be proactive than reactive. Appropriate and consistent processes to recognize performance , promote diversity and creativity are needed. Work life integration, learning and growth opportunities and flexibility needs to be embraced by organizations through employee sensitive processes.

“The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual”– Vince Lombardi.

Are you creating magnetic environment for the employees? Now, Time to discover your keys to unlock the doors of the success in your organization.

Author- PUJA TALESARA has over a decade of rich and accomplished experience in the Human resources varied in the established MNC corporate and start ups. She is an internationally certified Leadership and Workplace wellness Coach, Counsellor, Talent assessor and Podcaster. She is humbled to be trained by John Mattone ,the ex coach of Legendary Steve Jobs. She is the co curator of the Leadership Demystified.


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