How to Handle Stress at Workplace


Strongest of hearts fail when emotional tsunami hits the lonely mind bringing in irreparable damage. Stress and anxiety needs to be taken head on in its inceptual stages as its the Leviathan which grows to the point which not only annihilates  the person undergoing it but also  engulfs the body of men/women forming a family and organization around. Fatal indeed to ignore the setting in.

Without getting into a longish jargon spiced explanation of why and how of it, it would suffice enough to take urgent ‘nip in the bud’ steps towards tackling it. To start with it’s useful to understand that stress is all a psychological and physiological imbalance resulting from the disparity between situational demand and the individual’s ability and motivation to meet those needs.

It’s good to recognize the fact that one needs expert handling especially when it comes to regular exposure to conditions which trigger stress. Stress is inevitable and happens to all alive and sane at some point for sure but counter we must.

Question is how -Social support has been the biggest weapon to counter this monster but that is what precisely lacks in nuclear family and busy times even as we try n combat stress through stereo type relaxation measures like catching a movie or shopping at the mall or a quick holiday etc.

One word of expert caution though – Countering stress would sound and imply like eradicating it but it may not be achievable. In fact may not be desirable too as stress till some point works positive in that it pushes us beyond accepted limits and makes us achievers. So the strategy should be about managing stress. Emotional support plays a more significant role in protecting individuals from the deleterious effects of stress than structural means of support, such as social involvement or activity.

One means of social support from remote distances is on line but due to its no. Human touch and a virtual interface this is not so successful. We are left with communication one on one with specialists on counselling. This means that qualified psychologists and sociologists are engaged the effected.

HR Power House with its “person-centered support” strategies and the Social Support Questionnaire (SSQ) is a quantitative, psychometrically sound survey questionnaire intended to measure social support and satisfaction with said social support from the perspective of the interviewee. We are psychometrically suited for such a support system. We measure and manage international psychometric assessors qualified psychology counsellors.

Author-Akshara Seth – Co – Founder, Chief Operating Officer  & Partner at HR Power House assisting Educational Institutions, Corporate and individuals for all Human resource needs. She has done her Bachelors in Marketing & HR from renowned Birla Institute of Technology & PGDM – HR from IMT Ghaziabad. Later pursued her MBA in the field of Behavior Sciences. She is n International Certified Psychometric Assessor and has over 5000 hours of development sessions to her credit.


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