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Infosys gives rewards and incentives to its employees, check details

An Indian multinational information technology company, Infosys has declared that the company will be allocating more than 5.11 lakh equity shares to eligible employees. Infosys said...

TCS ramping up promotions to retain talent, 200000 women in workforce

On January 12, India’s IT services provider Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has announced its third-quarter results for the financial year 2022. All three Top IT Companies...

Variable Compensation and Its Relevance in New Normal

Variable Compensation and Its Relevance in the 'New Normal' All organizations value their human capital which is the most critical part of any organization’s success....

Renault India gives 15% hike & promotions despite crisis

Despite the lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic, French car manufacturer, Renault India is giving a pay hike of 15% to its employees and promotions...

Customized Rewards Strategy to Attract and Retain Employees

Today’s talent landscape is powered by Digitization, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the biggest disruptors; accompanied by a plethora of challenges with predictability being the biggest...