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New Leaders in 21st Century – Insights!

We are in the era of 21st Century. We are in a transformational phase in our professional & personal life. Big Data , Artificial...

A New Leader In The Digital Age

In the digital age,the role of a Leader is expected to be very challenging in view of the emergence of disruptive technologies.  A new...

The Future of Leadership in India

The only thing predictable about future is that it is unpredictable! The rate at which business processes are changing driven by developments in the technology,...

In Conversation with Ajay Ambewadikar

In an exclusive interaction with SightsIn Plus, we have Ajay Ambewadikar, Head-Human Resources India at CNH Industrial. Ajay has over 24 years strong manufacturing...

Is leadership a rare virtue?

I am sure, this statement must have surprised many of you. We all see leaders from corporate, politics and sports, all around us. The...

Effective Strategies- Leadership Development

Leadership is not for leaders only; organizations are focusing on leadership development programs and it’s a challenge for management. We have with us Dr....