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Accenture Key Progress in FY22: Delivering 360-Degree value

Accenture was recognized as Top 10 best places to work in nine countries

Leveraging Metaverse to Enhance Operational Capabilities of HR Function

Technological advancement often beckons businesses with exciting prospects for excelling in the operational capabilities of various organizational elements. The HR functions within a multitude...

Next Generation Workplace with Metaverse

Metaverse is the next generation of the internet, enabling creators to deliver connected, immersive experiences based on activities. The internet has consistently demonstrated the capabilities...

Mondelez India introduced Metaverse to onboard new hires

Mondelez India (Formerly Cadbury India) recently introduced an inclusive, immersive, and cool way to onboard new hires using the Metaverse. The company said in a statement,...

How AI and Metaverse Can Transform the HR Industry

The workplace of the 2020s already looks vastly different from what we could have imagined just a couple of years ago. Facebook's announcement that...

Tom Haak, Director- HR Trend Institute on Metaverse in HR

In Conversation with Tom Haak, Director- HR Trend Institute on Metaverse in HR Tom Haak is the director of the HR Trend Institute. The HR...

How Metaverse Leverages Employee Engagement and Trust

How Metaverse Leverages Employee Engagement and Trust We are already in a space where the digital world is more real than imagined. Gaming, shopping, education, entertainment,...

Flam’s OneAbove platform enables walk-in hiring experience in metaverse

A social metaverse company, Flam has announced the first walk-in recruitment experience in the metaverse through their One Above platform. As a part of...

Why Metaverse is important for HR?

Metaverse is the new buzzword that has been making a lot of noise recently. From social media platforms to workplaces- the waves of this...

Tech Mahindra introduces TechMVerse, metaverse practices

IT Major, Tech Mahindra, part of Mahindra Group has announced the launch of TechMVerse, its Metaverse practice to deliver interactive and immersive experiences in...
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