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Using Artificial Intelligence to Boost Employee Performance

One process which is universally applicable but unanimously disliked is perhaps the performance management process. Everyone might vote for an objective, unbiased and pro-employee process instead of...

Learning at the center of performance reviews

Performance reviews have always been a crucial way to assess employee's performance and productivity. It is a key component to measure employee’s performance in...

Enabling Managers to Conduct Performance Appraisals

In years of having led performance management systems, training the managers to conduct effective appraisals have been a constant factor in skill-building or the annual leadership...

Providing Meaningful Performance Feedback

When Raj resigned from the position of Area Sales Manager in a large consumer durable company his HR head met him to understand the...

Moving Beyond Evaluation in Performance Management

Performance Appraisal has evolved over time but has retained, so far, its distinctive feature in terms of being evaluative and judgmental. In the final analysis, this...

Ways To Make Employee Performance Evaluation Effective

In today’s dynamic business world performance measures and performance evaluation becomes key to the positive growth and profitability of the business and also the...