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How HCLTech engages and retains its employees for the long run

HCLTech understands that a happy, engaged, and well-supported workforce is fundamental to a thriving organization. The company has cultivated a unique employer brand through...

Companies prioritize employee well-being & wealth creation- ADP

According to the recently released research by ADP, employee well-being, including financial well-being and wealth creation, has become a key priority for Indian organizations...

Major Paradigm Shift in Workplace Culture Post COVID-19

The world around us has changed drastically with the COVID-19 pandemic impacting almost every aspect of our lives. It has changed the way we shop,...

Revamping Next-Gen Rewards Strategy

According to recent surveys, Millennials will constitute 75% of India’s entire workforce by 2025. This generation is driven, passionate and goal-oriented. They try to...