Infosys tweaks work policy, calls all employees for In-Person Collab

Infosys calls all employees to WFO for In-Person Collab Weeks
The company said that it aims to enhance collaboration and innovation among team members through its "In-Person Collaborative Weeks" initiative.

IT giant, Infosys mandates “In-Person Collaborative Weeks” for employees in ENG-IoT projects, requiring their presence on campus.

The company said that it aims to enhance collaboration and innovation among team members through its “In-Person Collaborative Weeks” initiative.

By fostering face-to-face interactions, the company seeks to drive project efficiency and strengthen its position in the IT services industry. This strategy reflects Infosys’ commitment to leveraging in-person collaboration for optimal outcomes in ENG-IoT projects.

Infosys encourages employees to embrace its hybrid work policy, urging minimum of 10 days per month at office campuses. In an email, the company also said, “You may review along with your managers in choosing the days and times in the week that work best for you and your projects,” the email added.

While the email did not specify the exact implementation details of the program, sources informed ET that it is likely to take effect in the current quarter. Infosys is poised to commence its new financial year on April 1, with the first quarter concluding on June 30.

What’s In-Person Collab Weeks

According to an Economic Times report, Infosys plans to designate several weeks each quarter as “In-Person Collab Weeks,” requiring all employees to be present in the office.

The company aims for minimum of six such weeks per quarter, offering flexibility for employees to choose suitable days and times for project collaboration.

Vikas Gupta, AVP & Global Delivery Head – IoT, emphasized employees’ autonomy to work for a few days or the entire week during these designated weeks, enhancing flexibility in work scheduling.

The company has also urged employees working away from base locations to plan their return and be present at the base development centers during these designated weeks.

In a bid to enhance collaboration and connectivity among employees, Infosys has consolidated various functions under its ENG-IoT organizational structure. This move aligns with the company’s focus on adopting generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) in its offerings, as reported by ET.

By integrating functions within ENG-IoT, Infosys aims to streamline operations and foster synergy, further advancing its capabilities in Gen AI-driven solutions.

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