Companies Layoff over 50,000 employees in 21 days this year 2023

Companies Layoffs over 50,000 employees in 21 days this years
In 2023 154 tech companies reportedly laid off nearly 55,225 in just 21 days. However, In January itself IT major companies laid over fifty thousand employees.

According to media reports on layoff, In the first half of the year 2022 that is from January to June, various companies laid off nearly 44,257 employees in the tech sector. 

However, in 2023 January, 154 tech companies reportedly laid off nearly 55,225 in just 21 days. Earlier in November Amazon announced that will be layoff 10,000 employees. However, the company further added 8,000 employees, and the total layoffs were announced as 18,000 employees.

The list of companies that have sacked employees is as follows.

  • GoMechanic fires nearly 70% of the workforce due to Reported Incorrect Financial Data.
  • Microsoft announced to layoffs of 11,000 employees worldwide due to the global economic slowdown.
  • Unacademy will let go of around 40 people.
  • Tencent Holdings Ltd fired more than 100 employees. 
  • An American multinational technology company, Google parent Alphabet had announced to sack of 12,000 employees.
  • Ola has fired 200 people in a fresh round of layoffs.
  • Wipro has fired 452 freshers over poor performance during Internal Test.
  • Adobe Inc has eliminated about 100 jobs, concentrated in sales. The company shifted some employees to other roles internally.
  • Cisco Systems Inc is beginning a restructuring plan that will affect about 5% of employees.
  • Salesforce has laid off about 8,000 people globally.

The list is never-ending the companies have been laying off employees. As per earlier data, more than 1,600 tech employees are being laid off per day on average in 2023 globally including in India, and the sacking episodes have gained speed amid the global economic meltdown and recession fears.


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