Infosys reimagines career mobility for employees

Infosys reimagines career mobility for employees
Bridge gives employees access to higher skill levels and different job streams, one-on-one interaction with leaders, and career counseling.

According to TOI, India’s second-largest IT major, Infosys has put together initiatives that reimagine the employee experience.

At Infosys, the company recognizes the need for highly skilled full-stack developers with expertise in tomorrow’s technologies to work with clients on their next-generation transformation initiatives.

The company enables the deployment of top coders rapidly and helps accelerate the delivery of innovation projects and platforms. It is offering faster and more predictable promotions, and role rotations, and has created dedicated programs to help employees shift their careers onto new tracks.

Infosys EVP and Group HR Head Krish Shankar said, “The promotion numbers could further increase this year.
Krish Shankar said freshers can expect to be a manager – provided the employee demonstrates consistent good performance – in nine years, down from 12-13 years previously.”

“We’ve also created a Platinum Club for top performers, under which a fresher could rise to become a manager in seven years. Here, there will be a sharper focus on performance and skills tests,” he said.

However, Infosys has said that moonlighting is not permitted according to the employees’ code of conduct of the company.

Infosys said that employees cannot take up other assignments during or outside business hours. The company has also added that any violation will lead to disciplinary action that could include termination of employment.

The company describes this with the taglines ‘No two-timing, no moonlighting’ and ‘No double lives’. Infosys has sent an internal communication email to employees.

Krish Shankar said about 1-2% of Infosys employees are now part of the Platinum Club it expects this pool to expand significantly.

The company has introduced a program called Bridge an initiative designed to enable employees to shift careers into adjacent or new career tracks.

Bridge gives employees access to higher skill levels and different job streams, one-on-one interaction with leaders, and career counseling. The bridge program focuses is to a digital specialist, focused on building talent that will help Infosys be at the upstream of its digital transformation work with clients.

There are bridges to process and domain consulting, business consulting, infrastructure consulting, power programming (deep programming), and to deep architecture.

There are three broad roles in this career track – digital specialist engineer, solution specialist, and transformation leader.

It involves a stringent selection process and subsequent capability building and is focused on building a talent pool in critical areas. The employees part of Platinum Club gets an automatic entry to Bridge programs.

As part of the upskilling initiatives, the company has introduced what it calls Skill Tags – badges that identify proficiency in different technologies.

Employees can select a Skill Tag, and then a variant within it. After they complete the required courses and gain six months of experience in that technology, they qualify for a Skill Tag. Employees are also given a Digital Quotient, which is a comprehensive score for their digital capabilities.

Infosys’ efforts appear to be at least partly an effort to control high attrition levels. The number of promotions has risen sharply. The companies gave 40,000 promotions in 2021-22, a substantial increase over the 8,000-10,000 annual promotion numbers some five years ago.

Infosys has announced that it has reached a total headcount of 3,35,186 employees in Q1FY23, with a net addition of 21,171 people in the first quarter ending on June 30.


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