Top Digital Workplace Trends of 2020-21

Digital Workplace Transformation Trends
Digital Workplace Transformation Trends in 2020-2021

Workplace digital transformation is a corporate talk of every organization and forums. A survey says today 67% of organizations are going digital and COVID 19 pandemic added further fuels to it.

“Digital transformation at the workplace became a burning platform due to simple reason – it improved the employees’ experience and added more flexibility, real-time team collaboration, productivity at work, and more importantly ease in doing business.”

The below picture actually depicts the employees’ transition from As-is (present state) to To-be (future state) due to digital transformation at work. In the year 2020-21 workplace and workforce will become more digital and work from home (WFH) a new normal. Today, lots of IT companies are moving towards work from home model and a study says by 2025, 60% of companies and their workforce will be working from home.

TCS, leading IT giant is in transition and by 2025, 75 percent workforce, would be transitioned to digital and working from home. IT and other ITES companies are adopting a secure borderless workspace (SBWS) model of operation. In 2020-21 few of the significant trends are:

  • The entire employee’s life cycle will become more digital; be it related to employees onboarding or learning or performance management or wellness services or any other employee’s support services.
  • Organization are continuing to recognize the importance of digital workplace as a strategic investment to improve efficiency and productivity. Smart technology would be powered and enable employee’s flexibility-work 24/7 from anywhere, anytime, learning at fingertips.
  • The new ways of work require more collaboration, communication and connect, digital workplace tools like MS team, Circuit, Yammer, what’s up, etc. would provide an immersive experience to the digital workplace and add to employee’s effectiveness and productivity. 
  • Information would be available at figure tips-transparent, speed, and access to all
  • Business cannot afford language barriers and digital workplace would enable seamlessly collaboration in different languages.
  • Mental health continues to become a growing issue. The Health and wellbeing of employees will be high on almost every corporate agenda! The Digital Workplace is becoming more “intelligent” and would help employees by more personalization, virtual assistance through chatbots and would be further enhanced by Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technologies. 
  • All digital solutions are built around people; to argument experience and enable seamlessly services- be it employees support services, employee’s wellness services, corporate services, learning, etc. People will remain the prime focus of best digital workplace and practices. Now a day’s employees are looking for one-point access and services to access digital workplace like single sign-on, ESS, MS team, LMS and not having multiple access services with fragmented and bad experience.
  • Digital workplaces would become better at enabling employees to share trusted information externally at the touch of a button.
  • Better governance and work ethics become a priority for the organization during digital workforce and workplace
  • Digital literacy and adoption are going to be mul-mantra to unlock the power of digital workplace.
  • Learning agility and digital aptitude enhance the competency of new norms of working.

HR is going to play a pivotal role as an enabler and drive adoption to the new normal by identifying challenges proactively, creating a road map for employees to accelerate digital transformation in their respective organizations, and impact the overall employees’ productivity and growth. 


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