New-age R&R ideas to build great employee experience

Big corporates announced permanent WFH in certain roles
Companies like Tata Steel, Infosys, Maruti Suzuki, Philips, Schneider, etc are evaluating job roles that will enable employees to work from home (WFH) or remotely on a permanent basis.

Evolving Landscape of Rewards and Recognition Strategies that Ensure Great Employee Experience

Employees and organizations across the world are responding to the COVID-19 situation in extraordinary ways. With changing employee expectations, business leaders must align recognition culture to the virtual workplace to continue to deliver superior employee experience.

The non-availability of recognition tools such as physical events and appreciation weeks can put managers in a fix. There is a need to set up some basic principles that enable recognition for employees in a remote setting. Asset evaluation is a method touched upon several times while sustaining a business.

“However, the most important asset for companies is its workforce. Using new-age and innovative incentives can invigorate employees & promote employee well-being in these unprecedented times.”

In present times, the pandemic is changing the dynamics of the workplace. The concept of remote working is here to stay. Building an enriching employee experience that fosters creativity, open communication, collaboration and engagement is vital to drive growth for businesses. It helps businesses and employees reach their maximum potential. The new-age workforce prefers to focus more on experiences. Hence, employers must redesign recognition programs that resonate with lifestyle choices of employees. In the present scenario, offering curated experiences is the best way to recognize honest efforts from employees and incentivize positive workplace behavior.

Technology has been a major supporter in the past few months. Digital acceleration helped executives, HRs, as well as business leaders adapt with agility and ensure workplace collaboration. The current scenario continues to witness the power of digitization in operational processes and R&R programs for greater employee engagement and employee experience. Here are a few ideas of new-age employee recognition solutions for greater employee experience:

Travel E-Gift Cards for Work-cations

The past six months have seen increased work pressure and caused burnout for the workforce. After a stressful work-stretch, it’s crucial that employees find relief in activities that help them unwind. Working close to the scenery of say beautiful mountains instead of homes can help boost productivity and efficiency. Further, it can also help ensure a positive state of mind; a luxury in the contemporary world. Gifting an experience of work-cation is a tailor-made solution to promote healthy work-life balance. In this case, travel e-gift cards can help find the perfect balance between work and leisure.

Gifting Experiences as a Reward

Stepping above the usual gifting strategies and adding a personal touch will help you form lasting relationships with your employees. Experience gifting, a relatively new concept, is about creating and delivering memorable moments that employees will cherish. For instance, you can reward them with a personalized card that covers a multitude of benefits. The experience of using digital cards to leverage company benefits helps deliver employee satisfaction. When challenging projects are followed by experiential rewards, positive behavior is sure to be reinforced. 

New-Age Dining Experiences

As employees continue to find ways to return to normal and deal with work stress, you can provide them with meal experiences as gifts. Giving them the exclusive privilege of eating out or ordering in with safe and digital payment solutions can help deliver great experiences worth savoring. From occasions of heartfelt gratitude to joyous congratulations, gifting meal experiences help create moments that will be remembered by employees for years to come.

Evolution is the key to thriving businesses. Celebrating great work with innovative incentives and experiential gifting helps create momentum for great work in the future. We need to reimagine reward and recognition strategies for greater employee experience, now, more than ever.


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